1945/2015 Seventy Years of COCIF

Oliviero Toscani

When you don't know what's behind a door, then there's the door to open

Cocif, with its long tradition of collaboration with personalities from the design and creativity as Tonino Guerra, Gae Aulenti and Ettore Sottsass, works with Oliviero Toscani. His photographs and his extraordinary ability to read the images made him famous all around the world. His creative language has opened new frontiers for communication.
The decision to entrust Oliviero Toscani's image and communication Cocif arose from the consideration that to meet the new international markets needed to make a qualitative leap that involved every expression and every element of our communication.

Oliviero Toscani has clear ideas about it: 

There's no escape. To meet the challenge of competitiveness our companies have only one real weapon. Be perceived by consumers and companies by their customers as "unique", able to create around their products added value that is given by the image and their specific identity. Chinese produce doors. They are doors, like the others. Neither more nor less. But the Cocif doors Italian doors with the added value of culture and creativity that transcends the product itself.