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After the liberation, Italy was destroyed and experienced feverish entrepreneurial activity.
The desire to be redeemed fostered the urge to create, build and furnish.
Those years witnessed the birth of many carpentry businesses that would become the landmark of italian entrepreneurship.

Soon after that, the projects and products that would be the foundation of italian design would see the light, becoming its icons.

Thus was formed Cocif.
Nowadays, Cocif presents over 300 door models characterized by italian design and windows made of different materials and finishes including "Classe A+" type, the best in terms of energy efficiency.

Cocif is chosen and its products perfectly fit in with the various projects, as it has always managed to do with its major contract operations world-wide.
Today, just like 70 years ago, Cocif proves to be the leader in Italy for the production of doors and windows.

Experience the difference, choose doors and windows Cocif.

Cocif Gallery

Mission & Vision

To operate in an ethical, upright, reliable and transparent manner.

To give Top priority to customer satisfaction with regard to price, and to quality of products and services.

To consider the individual and collective contribution to working processes as vital to the growth of the company as a whole, in the conviction that people, with their creativity and commitment, are crucial to the constant improvements of the company's products and services.

To aim to generate profit and achieve corporate growth, increasing the company's economic value and providing a return on the members' investment.

To establish a working environment where the focus is always on safety, satisfaction and commitment.

To use financial investments to help to create new jobs.

To support the area's social and cultural development through direct involvement and initiatives.

To make an active contribution to social solidarity.

To play a leading role in reinforcing the values and prestige of the social economy.

Always, and in all circumstances, to behave in a way befitting a company which has made social responsibility one of its core values.

1945 / 2015, 70 years of Cocif

history video

Cocif, History and Future

history video


The best solution for an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly home, Casaclimapiù classification CasaClimapiù

Window with 45db acoustic
Certification and class 2 burglary
Protection certification maximum comfort and security all in one

Worldwide recognition and certification

Protect the environment.
The FSC brand identifies products containing wood that comes from forests managed in correct and responsible way for environment, social and economic standard.

Products guaranteed under european standards.
To comply with security, health and hygiene requirements under the European Construction Products Directive CPD 89/106/CEE, all fittings are marked.

Designer Interview


Tonino Guerra

A door is a shelter, an obstacle for others suggesting security, protection and solidity.

A versatile artist, Tonino Guerra is praised by subtle critics as one of Italy’s greatest living poets. As a professional script-writer Tonino Guerra has mainly worked with such celebrated film directors as Antonioni, Fellini, Anghelopulos, Tarkovskij, Petri, Rosi and the Taviani brothers. He has always been involved in painting.


Oliviero Toscani

When you don't know what's behind a door, then there's the door to open

Cocif, with its long tradition of collaboration with personalities from the design and creativity as Tonino Guerra, Gae Aulenti and Ettore Sottsass, works with Oliviero Toscani. His photographs and his extraordinary ability to read the images made him famous all around the world. His creative language has opened new frontiers for communication.

Oliviero Toscani bn

Gae Aulenti

Light is impressionism.

Her designs have established new directions that have become a point reference for today's architecture


Ettore Sottsass

A designer should know that objects can become the tool of a rite of existence.

Sottsass Associati is an architectural and design partnership operating under the professional and cultural world of architecture and design and internationally famous.

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