When the wisdom of a master-craftsman shapes a noble material like solid wood, only then does he recall its soul, expressing all its magic and pride.

This is how the collection was designed by Tonino Guerra, one of the most famous Italian poets, a historical friend and collaborator of the film director Federico Fellini. Not just doors, but authentic wooden sculptures ready to inspire, access doors to dormant emotions, between peace and nostalgia, memory and magic.

“We must do things that are more than trivial perfection”



“A door is a shelter, an obstacle for the others and it suggests security, safety, protection and solidity. Even though this is what my doors attempt to be, they try to be all this with a stronger dose of humanity making you savour the fragrance of old country houses where every now and again our minds return to live in order to satisfy a secret nostalgia. To me, they appear to have a touch of sweat and a ring of dialect, with the magic of uncertain constructive innocence. You could have made them yourself, or perhaps you have the suspicion of having at least suggested the structure of a former presence somehow nestling in your memory.”

The Tonino Guerra sculpture doors are only proposed as contract supply.
The management of the entire craft work is entrusted to wood sculptors who make each piece by hand.


International in terms of vision and Italian in terms of design, each Cocif door and window integrates quality and design requirements, harmonising perfectly in all homes and large Contract works worldwide.

75 years of history that today are expressed in an exceptional production flexibility: a large collection of over 300 models of doors and windows with Italian design and an ability to respond on demand to every specific need thanks to complete reliability in every phase of operation.

With Cocif every door and window is the perfect partner for your project.


International vision and Italian design make each Cocif door combine quality with design requirements, harmonizing perfectly in all residential settings and large Contract works worldwide.

75 years of history that today are expressed in exceptional production flexibility: a collection of over 300 models of Italian design doors and ability to meet any specific needs thanks to the complete reliability of every operation phase.

With Cocif, every door is the perfect partner for your project.


In every Cocif door and window, the art of carpentry and stylistic research are always inspired by a woodcentric experience, a philosophy that has its core in the quality of the material, in its natural beauty.

This is why Cocif’s wooden doors and windows are the result of a careful selection of the best woods, always coming from certified and sustainable forests, to furnish every environment with a unique product, both from an ethical and an aesthetic point of view.

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