Personalization: your door

So much for personalization: once upon a time, all our efforts were aimed at being part of a group, an inherent human attitude that, for many things, naturally led people to want to follow the masses in their behavior, tastes and habits.

That’s why we all dressed alike, we all tended to behave similarly, we appreciated more what the group showed more.

It was the fruit of the “society of appearance”, in which the innate sense of social belonging made everyone unknowingly live more comfortably.

Stand out
or be Stamped out

However, over the years, these patterns of social homogenization have increasingly given way to the need for uniqueness, which, at this time, has completely turned the tables.

The market has shifted to the concept of “distinction” as a core value, and this attitude also digs deep into people’s habits and tastes, exalting an increasing desire for personalization in everything, an indication of authenticity and quality.

And while product customization was once synonymous with luxury because of the high cost of producing non-series items, today the development of new technologies has made these values accessible to all, opening up a world of new opportunities.

The customization of doors

The door world could not fail to take advantage of this opportunity to develop the concept of customization, thus embracing customer demands for an ad hoc product.

The desire to custom-make supplies for a hotel or to produce custom doors for medium to large projects comes naturally to mind.

Today, production goes far beyond that to meet everyone’s needs.


In this way, the concept of luxury is redefined: no longer just related to the economic factor but to that of exclusivity.

Obviously, the luxury sector – villas, luxury apartments, fine homes, historic villas – has always benefited from the possibility of choosing doors (and more) according to the design, which is always designed to be unique. This is nothing new: this specific industry has always focused on customization in the choice of materials and solutions as an expression of excellence.

Today we go further, witnessing the phenomenon called “affordable luxury”: making one’s home exclusive but without necessarily having to spend astronomical sums of money.

And so, the type of door, finishes, systems, formats, woods, textures or colors can be customized precisely to meet the needs of each project.

Thus, a wide range of possibilities opens up: by going to mix the “ingredients” it will be possible to compose the custom-made door of one’s dreams, the one that responds in every way to the personality of those who will inhabit those rooms.

This is precisely the value of personalization: reflecting the character of those who, living in a particular place, will be able to truly say they feel at home – and we are not just talking about apartments or villas.

A custom-made suit, the home as a tailor-made suit composed, piece by piece, material by material, on the basis of what allows people to feel it is their own.

In all this, the choice of doors also has its great importance, piece of a puzzle that needs to be consistent to give an excellent result.

Personalization becomes the means to externalize and communicate one’s tastes but also to be able to create an environment that truly reflects everyone’s idea of comfort in their home and, why not, their workplace.

As seen on other occasions, the choice of doors can be determined, for example, according to style: whether classic or minimalist design, there is nothing to prevent the choosing of the perfect door, which is not an ideal generic door but the right door in each specific case.

A personalization that also allows the embrace of all traditions that reflect their culture in the design of the forms. From the round-arched doors of the classical tradition to the Islamic arched doors of Arab culture, there is no limit to creativity anymore.

Custom doors for contracting

The contract sector deserves special attention: from small non-hotel residential facilities to hotels of any category, thanks to technical and design experience it is possible to embrace all the needs of designers so that, even through the choice of doors, they can aim to stand out in the market.

Flexibility of systems is the trump card: this is made possible by new advanced production technologies that do not force mass production to cut costs, but allow different requirements – technical, design or taste – to be met without compromising quality, speed or production efficiency.

“Welcome to the world where anything is possible”, is Cocif’s slogan that sums up the great work behind each solution. An ambitious endeavor that is based clearly on the ability to take care of the choice of materials, to weigh all the details, and to delve into every creative solution proposed by the designer.

Then again, it all stems from a careful analysis of market demands, and for a future of excellence, there is no other way but to embrace these renewed needs through a new mode of production, increasingly oriented toward people and the satisfaction of needs and desires.

This is the center of it all: customization work becomes meaningful when it truly succeeds in providing a response to people in terms of comfort, quality, safety, and taste.


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