Doors, glass yes, glass no, glass maybe

In the field of interior design, glass is changing the image of our homes with its increasing use for all doors.

A trend that partly echoes the industrial style of northern European countries and which, for various reasons, is beginning to characterize more and more environments.

If it is normal to think of the use of glass as a light screen between office walls, to create very permeable spaces that, at the same time, guarantee the possibility of working separately or in small groups, it is certainly more unusual to see its use in apartments:

nothing beats the solidity of a beautiful wooden door, which guarantees visual and acoustic privacy, preserves elegance and fits into solutions where, in any case, it blends in perfectly with the wood of furniture and flooring… until someone started to see different solutions to make their home more refined using glazed doors.

What are the pros and cons? Do the new solutions, however elegant they make the rooms, guarantee the correct functionality of the spaces?
What if I regret it later?

What are the reasons behind the ever-increasing attraction for the use of glass in interior doors and the advantages this choice can offer?

Making room for light

One of the key reasons why the use of glass has become so popular in interior doors is its ability to let natural light into rooms.

This certainly benefits the overall comfort of a home where, thanks to these transparent diaphragms, light penetrates the various rooms, creating an inviting atmosphere and a sense of spaciousness that we could not otherwise achieve.

Both because of the light and because of the visual openness created by the glass doors, the spaces seem larger: the interconnected rooms give a totally different perception than in an apartment with divided rooms.

And smaller apartments benefit even more from these features: with no more visual barriers, the house seems larger, resulting in a more homely feeling.

In addition, one finds that the more one moves towards these solutions, the more one prefers features that emphasize these aspects even more: glass and aluminum doors, often become full-height, or replace a wall with double-leaf solutions that leave spaces permeable while still allowing rooms to be closed if necessary.

And the style?

Thinking about glazed doors, a first objection may concern their inclusion in the interior of the apartment. They are frequently associated with overly minimalist solutions, and for lovers of this style there is no denying that they are truly ideal.

However, glass offers endless design possibilities, such that doors – if chosen correctly – can adapt to any furnishing style.

Just think of the possibilities of matching with metal or wooden frames to imagine the insertion of the glazed door in a more rational environment or in a more decorative context, where the choice of glass becomes an important element for the final result.

What about privacy?

The most common concern associated with the use of glass in interior doors is the issue of privacy. Here again, the choice of glass becomes very important, depending on the rooms we are going to close with these solutions.

Glass technology has progressed enormously such that we can find innovative solutions and a thousand types available: from satin-finish glass to etched glass, milk-white opaque glass, solutions with interposed films, sound-absorbing or not, examples of glass that offer an adequate degree of privacy without compromising the supply of natural light.

A correct design of spaces and a judicious choice of materials allows the result to be optimized in any case, with the winning solution being the balance between transparency and privacy, which guarantees a modern, bright and welcoming image.

There is no such thing as “all or nothing”: the house does not have to have all glazed doors or only traditional wooden doors. Often, the ideal solution is in the right compromise.

And the most common solution is to leave the living area – living room, study, kitchen or kitchenette – very permeable and to give the sleeping area more privacy.

Be careful, however, not to make the mistake of planning your home according to who is coming to visit once a year: too many times we give up on the ideal situation just because we reason in the knowledge that, should a guest come, he or she might not find the accommodation suitably comfortable.

This is the classic case of the study room adjacent to the living room, which we would all like to be separate but as open as possible. The ideal solution is to make it permeable with a beautiful glass wall so that it is visually and physically a single room with the living room – for the benefit of a larger and brighter space – but, at the same time, compartmentalizable if, for work reasons, there is a need to use it separately.

Nothing could be easier than to “transform” this room into the “classic” room added when the guest comes who, however, might not like the large glazed door.

Yet, can we bind the perception of our daily space to the particular case of a guest who might come once a year?

And the bathroom?

A final note on the bathroom closure. If we are thinking about a privacy problem for rooms, how can we imagine glazed doors in bathrooms?

Yet, more and more often, people give up a window to have a second bathroom in order to have an extra restroom.

And then the solution to let light into the room is served: a beautiful glazed door with opaque satin glass provides privacy by letting light in and bringing, among other things, a sense of elegance to the small space.

Glass yes or glass no? We can only give the correct answer by looking in the mirror, safe in the knowledge, however, that a house open to light and with ample space translates into the idea of a space in line with our own well-being.

There are concrete, elegant and innovative solutions that can be realized without any problems. No more limits to the imagination!


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