Doors, a glimpse into the Future

Every year we are lucky enough in Italy to host one of the world’s most important international events on design and furniture: the Salone del Mobile in Milan, the number one event in the sector. Precisely for this reason, national and international companies come here to present their most interesting proposals and the innovations that will subsequently take hold on the market.

The importance of this event is obvious: it only takes a keen eye to be able to identify the trends that will be developed in the near future and that in Milan are presented to the general public of professionals who will subsequently make them the raw material for their projects.

And this applies to the whole field of interior design, materials and everything in the world of furniture. Doors are no less important: what is in store for the near future?

Of course, a small sacrifice is required to get a glimpse of the future: it is exhausting to cram into Design Week alone, visits to all the events at the Salone del Mobile exhibition and in the city at the Fuorisalone. And yet, the reward is enormous: identifying in advance how the industry is moving in order to be able to propose new solutions to customers.

It is not enough to stop at what you see: you have to mentally fly over all the proposals put forward in the various layouts in order to get a concrete idea and be able to “foresee the future” so as to develop truly innovative projects.

Quality makes the difference

One of the insights we took home this year was about quality: attention to detail and design always make the difference. And all the most interesting proposals found in Milan encourage us to avoid any compromise in terms of quality and, above all, show how it is possible to do so without having to opt for necessarily expensive solutions.

Basically, it is possible to avoid falling into the mundane just because of the fear of having to spend too much on more unusual solutions, which is the main reason why people often opt for the standard or the “bare minimum”.

Technology, materials, and the degree of workmanship that can be achieved today make it possible to aim high in any situation.

The choice of doors is not excluded from these considerations: a quality door, with selected finishes and materials or custom solutions, allows us to complete our homes, offices, shops, hotels and every room with the utmost elegance without any particular cost burden.

Even the choice of interior door type today, leaves the greatest possible freedom to select optimal solutions depending on the space to be worked on; the “classic” hinged door is flanked by flush, sliding, internal or external to the wall, rototranslating or folding solutions, with one or more leaves, so that the door itself becomes a design element that characterizes the rooms.

The color

Another aspect that (finally) emerges a little more prominently than usual (never too much, though) is color.

The need for color is a need that everyone – including us – feel alive within themselves as a response to the grayness given by the difficulties we experience on a daily basis.

True, the discourse becomes philosophical, but when the design of the environments in which we live has to represent spaces in which we can partially recover our well-being, an introspective analysis becomes necessary. And the use of color, precisely, seems to be the translation of this unconscious need..

Polaris, finish like the wall

So, beyond the timeless wood types, why not be daring by  personalizing the door according to a room image that, through color, can represent cheerfulness, happiness, well-being and our best comfort zone?

Glass, mais oui!

Here is a trend from northern Europe that seems to be gaining ground in Italy as well. Have you ever heard of “verrières”?

Glazed doors and walls with black industrial-style profiles are very popular in France, Germany, etc. and are increasingly present in our homes, appreciated for their greater permeability of light between rooms. And on that note, let us return to the philosophical aspects of the previous paragraph: natural light is well-being!

Here, technology and technique come to our aid in the production of ever more striking and lightweight glazed doors..

And you can also indulge in the type of glass, so much so that, most of the time, such a door is also used in bathrooms: elegance is assured.

The watchword: sustainability

We have already explored the topic of sustainability on other occasions when creating products that are increasingly in line with people’s green needs. Again, the main objective is to contribute to making a healthier environment for the well-being of those who live in it and use it.

Energy efficient window, sustainable comfort

The message comes through loud and clear from Milan: the market has fully understood the world’s cry to move increasingly towards environmentally sustainable solutions: a road that, fortunately, seems to have no turning back and on which, by now, all manufacturers must set out.

Whose side are we on?

Now it is up to us to choose which side we are on: that of those who, on the wave of identified trends, decide to follow the path of innovation, aiming for excellence with the courage of those who seek uniqueness of design, quality of solutions and attention to every detail; or that of those who wait for trends to consolidate in order to be sure of their choices, remaining in their comfort zone without necessarily having to make compromises?

Neither solution can be said to be right or wrong: it is a matter of following the one that most respects one’s personality, especially when it comes to creating one’s own home.

And as far as doors are concerned, the beauty of Cocif’s production is precisely that it provides the means to be able to choose with the greatest freedom, in any situation, so as to embrace everyone’s needs and, at the same time, always with an eye to the future to provide a response always in line with the most innovative trends.


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