How to choose interior doors: a different approach

We could write about how beautiful the doors of a company like Cocif are compared to those of competitors, talk about the quality of the materials, the care in the production system, the many types that fit everyone’s needs.

We could list all the qualities and certifications obtained with great professionalism, talk about the endless range of customizable products.

We could highlight how the quality of details makes a difference, even the invisible ones such as hinges or door hardware. We could write about how the range of production can embrace all needs, make it a matter of style or color adaptable to everyone’s taste.

Yet, shelling out all the features we find in the full-bodied and exhaustive catalog will not allow those who are faced with the dilemma: how do they choose the interior doors for their home?

Gone are the days when choices were contingent on meeting a need.

Today, everything we do, all the decisions we make during our increasingly busy days, are geared primarily toward satisfying a desire.

And this also applies to the choice of doors for our dream home.

The importance of doors

Until the Middle Ages, it was easy: interior doors were present only in the most important palaces, those of the nobility, just to protect the masters from the prying eyes of the servants. In tenements, life was mixed together and the use of doors was not even contemplated.

Today, it is unthinkable to leave any room unprotected by a beautiful door, although, in some ways, new distribution solutions sometimes encourage more openness in rooms than a few years ago.

Moving from one room to another, we come across doors at every move, open them, close them hundreds of times in a day lived at home. Yet, it is an unconscious action; who among us consciously thinks about what we do, for example, when we close the bathroom, kitchen, or closet door?

Even more so, who cares about the quality of the door to a room that, perhaps, while present, remains open most of the time?

From these reasonings the importance we can give to such an element would seem minimal.

Instead, precisely because of the number of doors in a home and the number of times we are confronted with them, they represent an important factor in the overall design: an active part of the style chosen for the home and a component that fully participates in the emotionality aroused by the totality of all the elements – colors, materials, solutions, furniture or accessories.

Woe betide those who choose them lightly, we may regret it for years!

The right atmosphere

What is it that gives us the right emotion when we renovate our home?

Designing is an introspective process: we need to look inside ourselves to understand what we would like to have around us, where we would like to live and be comfortable.

The greatest difficulty is to create the right atmosphere, one that can reflect our personality and that is given by the summation of an infinite series of elements that the good designer must take into account.

With this in mind, the choice of doors also fits within this framework, which, for it to be coherent, must be seen in its entirety, with a view from above that allows us, then, to go into the merits of each individual aspect.

This is more philosophical than technical, but that is what leads to the desired results. As stated at the beginning, it is more important to identify the feelings we would like our home to convey rather than to choose solely on the basis of technical data, which we can only take as general information to confirm the quality of the initial choice based on emotional factors.

We must touch the door in our thoughts, visualize it with our eyes closed, imagining the pleasure of seeing it present within that design that characterizes our home, creating the right emotional atmosphere that allows us to live day to day in a pleasing environment of well-being.

We make our choice: a different approach

And, then, we begin to understand our tastes and focus our choices. We can start with style: do we feel good in an environment that reflects classical elegance or in the contemporary of purer, more modern forms with sophisticated design? Read also: When should we choose classic doors?

What about the materials? Warm wood or elegant glass, which are among the most common choices? Lacquered or laminated?

After this answer, then, how do we orient ourselves with colors? We cannot answer “white” just because we are afraid to “dare” with something different. There are many warm colors and finishes that make a room cozy just by looking at it.

And what materials will we match the doors with? Flooring, upholstery, furniture, textiles – all are important if the goal of our practice is to achieve a coherent whole. And only consistency can impart that feel-good atmosphere in which we would all like to live.

Already these simple answers direct us to “our” door. The dimensions – in width and height – or the type of doors are data more constrained to the functional distribution of rooms: we can, thus, find ourselves choosing hinged, sliding, flush doors, rototranslating, booklet, single – or multi-leaf, standard or oversized doors.
Read also: How to match doors and floors.

Only once we have faced up to the choice with this different approach that aims to satisfy the emotional component, does it become essential to get into the merits of the quality of the doors: mode of production, attention to detail, excellence of the materials chosen, carefulness of the finishing solutions, sustainability of the proposals, supplier certifications, are all important data and information that complete the picture of our perfect choice.

So, a choice that stems from a foretaste of the desired space but is based on high-quality content, guaranteeing a product of excellent workmanship and durability.

A different approach through which to make our optimal choice.


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