Letting the light in: full-height glass doors

Who among us does not dream of living in a house with large windows and full-height doors, perhaps opening onto greenery or breathtaking views, imagining ourselves enjoying the light like lizards in the sun?

Light is life

The importance of natural light to humans is now proven: the sun is a source of life and we have been aware of it since the dawn of time, as evidenced by the manifestations of worship by ancient peoples aimed at making it one of the most important gods.

Today we are able to provide the scientific reasons why sunlight brings countless benefits to people, both physical and psychological, acting directly on mood and lucidity.

Yet, most of us live in rooms that are mostly enclosed by four walls, city apartments where the density of buildings is such that it is not conducive to optimal light inside the rooms.

A legal standard is even required – the famous 1/8th of the floor area rule that building regulations throughout Italy adhere to in sizing windows – so that minimum daylighting conditions can be guaranteed.

Does this mean that without an obligation, we would be quite willing to reclaim useful square meters of floor space at the expense of livable room conditions?

At one time, technical limitations forced the creation of small openings. Although the window became an architectural element as early as the Renaissance period, it was not until the nineteenth century, with the development of technology, that glass panes of increasing size were made.

Today, the means allow us not only to work on lightweight profiles, but to achieve great acoustic, thermal, energy-saving, safety performances – even for large windows and doors.
Therefore, as the requirements for achieving maximum comfort were ensured, design began to be an important component in the planning of glazing.

And back to our dream of wide openings and full-height glass doors to give rooms maximum brightness: the market offers us solutions that are breathtaking in their beauty and lightness.

Let’s get into it and talk about two types of products: window frames, exterior windows and French doors, on the one hand, and interior space-dividing glazing, on the other.

Exterior fixtures

Sometimes the window becomes part of the architectural design of a building: this is the case we find, for example, in historic buildings, where the outline of the windows is even highlighted and embellished with cornices and moldings.

The trend today, however, is in another direction: the design goal in contemporary architecture is to make the fixture disappear
In short, from the series “the window is there but you can’t see it”!

All it takes is a look on the Internet or a browse through a catalog with some projects to realize the absolute elegance that these windows and French doors take on: profiles as thin as possible and glazing as wide as possible give a characterization to the buildings, in their simplicity of lines tending toward a minimalism that, contrary to what one might think, maintains its decorative weight and warmth.

Absolute brightness, where the design allows the eye to overcome the physical limitation of a building wall toward a positive perspective, whether it is a green space or a scenery in which to lose one’s gaze.

Full-height glass doors, glass walls or immense windows that perhaps harken us back to an image we once associated with sunny, luxurious American homes, always surrounded by wide open spaces and open to as much light as possible.

Today, the market offers the opportunity for all of us to bring this elegance (and sunlight) inside our homes, when we find ourselves working in contexts in which we can and wish to merge the interior of homes with the exterior of the surrounding space.

Whether we are lovers of wood, aluminum or PVC, whether we prefer sliding or casement sashes, double-hung or single-mirror windows, we no longer have any limits to our choices, certain that, in addition to the desired image, we will always be guaranteed the highest performance for our comfort.

Interior glazed doors

What if we are constrained by the building in which our apartment is located? Let’s enjoy the interior spaces!
In the wake of maximum space flexibility, there is nothing more elegant than a full-height glass door to functionally divide two rooms while maintaining an enviable visual unity.

The profiles, which are even thinner so that they do not have to perform thermal insulation functions, make some of these windows truly ethereal.

It thus becomes a design burden to customize fixtures: casement or sliding, with visible track or guide, with transparent, opaque, etched, frosted or silver, bronze, lacquered aluminum glass. The list of possibilities offered by full-height glass and aluminum doors is too extensive to quote in full, but a closer look is in order, as well as definitely being interesting.

And among many possibilities, full-height glass doors have unparalleled momentum. The gold medal in the lightness competition goes to them, especially if we take into account the perception of spaciousness they manage to infuse environments with.

And so far we have talked about homes, but let’s think about its use in offices where the mere presence of such a door gives the overall image the kind of elegance worthy of the best representative office.

Light, originality and sophistication; and again, high design and maximum functionality. This is precisely the case where a door makes a big difference.


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